Addicted To Pain is to reach all people; religious, atheist or agnostic!

Walk with me and talk with me as I journey through my new and ever adapting Christian life.



Addicted to pain began as a Christian blog created to share with and help males and females of any faith, denomination and background.

I want to be able to share the joys and struggles of this new walk I have embarked upon in complete transparency. Showing the transitional process from just believing in God to now walking with him with the ability to express my thoughts, my feelings and emotions that accompany it.

I began this blog only 10 months into making the decision to walk with Christ, so far it has been a journey of ups and downs of which I believe many more will come.

Read my very first blog submission for an explanation behind the title ‘Addicted to pain’ and some insight into the mind of writer on the other side of the screen.

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Comment, ask questions, advise and be blessed!    ❤


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